Inkom stand – Meet us!

On the 23.08.2016 we will be at the Inkom! You can find us at the School of Business and Economics (SBE), where we will represent Aperture and the MSP. If you need any help around Maastricht, or just want to meet the first MSP peeps, feel free to stop by!

Welcoming the new students at INKOM!

In the name of Aperture, we would like to welcome ALL of you new students, Class of 2017!!

We hope you had an amazing introduction period and are now looking forward to getting down to business with the core courses. 

If you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact us - we're always there for you! 

For everyone who did not have a chance to see our stand at INKOM, here are some pictures 🙂 



Your Aperture board

“Mix & Mingle” Event (02/10/12)

The very first student party arranged at MSC.  The setting of the furniture in the common room was largely revolutionized by Phit La and Paolo Marangio in occasion of the party. Large amount of vegetarian food, a wide variety of beer and different kinds of vlaai (local cake) were all provided for the MSC students to enjoy. The party allowed first and second year students to get to know each other mix and mingle a little bit more.

Welcoming Class of 15′ (27-29/08/12)

The Aperture board members Phit La, Tim Van de Goor, Simon Engelke and Marjolein Sliepen ran several activities and events during the introductory period of the academic year 2012-2013. The freshmen were given a tour of the city and were also introduced to the sale of book packages for their semester at MSC. This was the very first time such a booksale was organized at MSC and it was undoubtedly successful. On the last day of the Introduction Days, the freshmen along with the board members of Aperture had dinner together at KIWI, before going out to the infamous Irish Shamrock pub/bar. At the Shamrock, the freshmen got a chance to meet some other students of the second year. The city tour along with the night out on the last day of the introductory period allowed the freshmen to truly know better what the city of Maastricht has to offer in terms of student life.

End-of-the-Year BBQ Event (06/06/12)

The 6th of July marked the end of the very first academic year of the Maastricht Science Programme. After a strenuous but fun academic year, it was time for summer! Before summer could officially begin, MSC students had to make group presentation on the projects conducted during the project period. Once this final academic activity was completed, all founders of Aperture along with some other MSC students quickly set up a barbeque in the courtyard at the back of the MSC building. The barbeque was attended by both MSC students and staff members. This event reminded all of us the strong sense of unity and community that has been shaped at MSC. During the BBQ, both students and teachers met outside of the class and spent some quality time together by having some food and a chat while enjoying the good outdoor weather. The Aperture founders intend to build up and maintain this spirit of co-operation between MSC students and teachers throughout all future activities.