Future Students

Welcome to the MSP!

We are Aperture, the study association of the Maastricht Science Programme, and we would like to congratulate you on your acceptance! We are excited to have you as the new members of our community and hope you enjoy your next three years here in Maastricht.

About us:

Aperture was founded on the core values of integrity, unity and student development. In particular, we aim to provide MSP students with an array of academic and fun activities so that students can further enjoy the MSP atmosphere, strengthen bonds within the MSP community, and contribute to helping society. Your input and participation in Aperture will make it a more fun association to be part of; so don’t hesitate and join in!

Introduction Events

There are two introductory events in Maastricht:

  1. INKOM (20.08.18-24.08.18) for the entire student body of the Maastricht University, not mandatory but recommended
  2. MSP Intro days (27.08.18-29.08.18) only for MSP students, mandatory

You should receive an email shortly about the programme for the MSP Intro days at which the board of Aperture will be present.

Joining committees

We have a varitey of committees at the MSP and every Aperture member can join a committee of his or her choice. There are no requirements, except motivation and having fun organizing events with your peers! If you desire to start a new committee, please contact a member of the Aperture board!

Book- and Hoodie sale

Two times a year Aperture hosts a booksale where the required university books are sold. The booksale for the first semester will start on 04.09.17.

The hoodie- as well as the booksale for the second semester will be announced later.

Helpful links

Students of MSP Facebook page (only possible to join if already part of Maastricht Science Programme)

Aperture Facebook page

MSP Second Hand Booksale

Aperture Instagram

Sharing is Caring Facebook page

Sharing is Caring-but money is money Facebook page

Free stuff Maastricht Facebook page

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