Meet the Board of 2013/2014

On the 12th of June 2013, the first elections took place and the new members of the board were chosen for the academic year 2013-2014. This board was the second board ever in this association. Therefore, we especially thank the seven members who took over the big responsibility and stepped into the shoes of the founding board. They worked hard to integrate this student association even more into the student body with numerous Broaden Your Aperture and other successful social events. We heartily thank these following seven MSC students and Aperture members for a great academic and social year of 2013/2014!

Mara Houbraken (President)

Sophie Maeder (Vice-President)

Asha G. Downes (Secretary)

Jillian Loree (Treasurer)

Varsha Vasudevan (Internal Relations)

Ana Alupei (External Relations)

Pegah Keshanian (Promotion Manager)

Still interested? Come and meet all of us:

From left to right: Ana Alupei, Asha Downes, Pegah Keshanian, Mara Houbraken, Varsha Vasudevan, Sophie Maeder, Jillian Loree