Meet the Founders

Who was Aperture founded by?

In the academic year 2011-2012, a group of enterprising students of the Maastricht Science Programme took the initiative to create something outstanding. An audacious project was launched successfully: assembling a study association from which all students within the program would benefit. Aperture was officially recognized on the 7th of November 2012. Not only did these students set it up successfully, but they also broadened it and passed it on to the new generations of students willing to continue their exceptional work.

These people are amazing students and colleagues, who took a great responsibility and sacrificed their free time to develop Aperture as we know it now:

Phit Allan La (President)
Jaidev Dhavle (Vice-President)
Paolo Marangio (Secretary)
Fredrik Tengström (Treasurer)
Marjolein Sliepen (Internal Relations)
Simon Engelke (External Relations)
Tim Van de Goor (Booksale Manager)











From left to right: Tim van de Goor, Marjolein Sliepen, Phit Allan La, Paolo Marangio, Simon Engelke, Jaidev Dhalve, Fredrik Tengström


Still interested? Come and meet all of us: