What is Aperture?

What is Aperture?

Aperture is the student organization of the Maastricht Science Programme. It is run by MSP students for MSP students with the main goal is to organize various events for the MSP student population. We want to represent the students and their interests, be it through improved communication, answering questions and organising events!

What can you expect from us?

  • Introduction day events
  • Study-related events (Broaden Your Aperture lectures)

  • Monthly social events (board game nights, movie nights and much more!)

  • Parties

  • Study trips once a year

  • Booksale

  • Hoodie sale

  • And much more! Every idea is welcome!

How does one become a member?

Every student at the MSP automatically becomes an Aperture member and therefore profits from the various discounts we have as well as the many events we offer!

Where do we get our name from?

In a camera the aperture changes the depth-of-field: it can blur out or sharpen subjects in a single view. In the same way through the open curriculum, students are able to focus on a particular discipline as well as see the bigger picture within the same programme. As a study association we firmly stand behind this concept. We feel it perfectly describes the Maastricht Science Programme and its students.