MSP information


1st Semester:

In the first semester the curriculum consists of a number of core courses. These courses are mandatory and compile introductory (1000 level) courses in Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and Introduction to Liberal Arts and Sciences. The latter serves to introduce students to the Liberal Arts and Sciences principle and philosophy. Please find the general information on the courses at MSP on the MSP website : 

2nd-6th Semester:

Now you get to explore the reason you actually came to MSP: the open curriculum. 

Unless you have read and memorised every single detail of the course requirements and study regulations you will need the help of your personal academic advisor. He or she will save you from taking unsuitable courses and course combinations and can also advise you in any other way when it comes to questions regarding study abroad, bachelor thesis and master programmes. 

To help with course selection even further, there will be a buddy programme organised, so that you get first hand impression of courses.

The Board of Studies

The Board of Studies is an organisation which serves to monitor, review and adjust the curriculum and other academic interests within MSP. It comprises staff members, including the dean of the faculty, as well as student representatives who reach out to the community and communicate the students' needs to the rest of the board. This year's student representatives are Ibrahim Hasim, Jordi Ferrer Orri, Ariane Mader and Yara van IngenThey represent the students by taking evaluations and complaints or comments into account. Only through feedback it is possible for them to see and address problems in the curriculum, so as a member of MSP it is very important to give feedback to these students through course evaluations at the end of each course and through oral or written messages.

So if you feel there is something worth worshipping, considering or changing, please do not hesitate to the Board of Studies!

Board of studies email:

Studying Abroad

Maastricht Science Programme also offers to take a semester abroad. However, this is not the main aim of the programme, so please read the following information which your Board of Studies has compiled for you.

Bachelor Thesis

In the academic year of 2013/2014 the first students worked on and finished their bachelor thesis. As the programme is so new, many things still need to be addressed and revised, including the general guide to the bachelor thesis procedure. Please bear with us as we try to compile the information given by the academic staff in order to clarify any possible issues with this part of your study. The information could be seen as a sort of "beta-version"; all procedures are being improved each year, so we cannot guarantee for the accuracy.


Once in a while everyone is in need of help. Don't hesitate to explore what the University has to offer!