Living in Maastricht

Finding an affordable and homey flat in Maastricht is a real challenge for everyone. 

The most important things to remember when renting out a flat are:

  • Check the professionalism of your agency - many students complain about unfair treatment or procedures via Facebook pages, such as "Rooms/Kamer/Zimmer Maastricht" (on this page you can also find a flat !), so be sure to check these pages!
  • Be informed about your rights and duties as a tenant. On the university's webpage you can find more information regarding student housing. 

Below you can find some agency names. However, don't rely on the "recommendation" through our link - always double check if the deal you are making is fair and legal!

Maastricht Housing Agency

The agency the university recommends....

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Facebook groups

There are various Facebook groups dedicated to housing, here is the biggest to get started.

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