The Municipality and You

Living in this beautiful town is a real privilege. 

However, when talking to other students you will hear about typical problems you are likely to face during the first years in Maastricht. 

These problems include:

  • issues with your flatmates or neighbours
  • bike theft or bikes taken away by the municipality 
  • buying stolen bikes (unaware of this fact) and running into the real owners
  • being fined for wrong bin bag usage, parking or riding bikes without lights (especially in winter)
  • bills from the Gemeente including waterschapsbelasting or taxes
  • and many more.....

In order to avoid most of those complications it is wise to read through the webpage of the municipality and check Facebook for the legal advice through student deans provided by the law faculty (which gives you free or low-cost legal advice also to other issues you may have).

The following links may help you cope with the various problems: