Climbing Club

With the first training having taken place on Thursday, 11.09.2014, the new MSP Climbing club has been established!

There are weekly indoor climbing trainings which are held in the I-VY climbing hall in Sittard. We have experienced climbers as well as beginners, so the range of climbing is very broad and you can join at any given level of expertise. The experienced climbers also teach the inexperienced. In the hall most of the climbing is toprope, but there are also lead climbing and bouldering possibilities. At the hall you can rent out gear such as rope, harness and shoes. However, if you join for a longer time it is advisable to buy these items. 

The costs of the club will be 33€ a month for each participant for the entry and rent for the shoes and harness, which ranges between 3-7€.

The regular dates for the trainings are yet to be determined, but it depends on the majority vote of the participants. Also, we will drive there communally or take the train depending on the availabilities of the cars so make sure you talk to one of us about transportation so we can save you the hassle!

Also, our goal is to organise a climbing trip in the summer so that we can all use our expertise from the hall in the real mountains ! So its worth enduring the long winter months and building up the climbing stamina for this exciting event !!

Feel free to contact us if you would like to join the club, we would be more than happy to have you!

Kelley Perry and Viktoria Obermann